Does it feel like your computers make life harder? Do you have to fight to get the computer to give you information you need? Get your computers in sync with your business!

A CIO handles all the tech issues and headaches. A good CIO constantly works to improve your business and make it work smarter. That's what we can do for you.

We'll get your business and your technology working in perfect sync! We'll work to align your strategic business goals with your technology systems. Before we make any improvements, we'll develop a plan that will chart the road to success. We'll include detailed improvements, including cost and time figures. You want no surprises, and we understand that.

Get started immediately and start reaping the benefits.  
Does your web site talk to your accounting software? Do your shipping computers talk to your invoicing system? Do you have a single version of the truth? We can bring together all your different computer systems into one unified whole.

Most business owners are surprised to learn that most computer systems must be adapted to meet ever-changing business requirements. Today, IT is a complicated mixture of systems, operating systems and applications, many of which have overlapping functionality. Efforts to get them working together can be costly, time-consuming, and risky if you don't have the right people on the job.

Get all your different computer systems talking to one another.  

We're the right people for the job.
Does your business survive if the power goes out for two weeks? What if your office is destroyed? The insurance companies can take months to pay a claim, even years in some cases. Can you be shut down for a year? Do you know what you will do?

We do. We can help you make the plans that could save your business from disaster. We'll help you develop plans for new office space, new computers, new everything, and hope we never need them.

You have to be prepared for every possibility. It's better to have your plans laid out ahead of time. Just because we've had a few uneventful years doesn't mean it will last. Are you ready?
A process is any job that is part of your routine business. Filling out an order. Generating an invoice. Printing a packing ticket. These are all processes. Business process is all about how work gets done, so let's find the smartest way to work.

Most business processes have grown organically. As new requirements appear, workers adapt existing processes to new situations. This leads to inefficiencies and errors. By analyzing every step, we can identify and correct these problems.

But knowing how and where to start can be daunting. The key to success is viewing business processes from the customers' perspective instead of from an internal point of view and designing updated processes to deliver the greatest value to the customer.

And most important, any new design must always keep it easy for a customer to give you their money! Have you ever wanted to buy something online but you could not figure out how? That is exactly what you want to avoid.

We can assist with redesigning your processes for maximum efficiency and minimum error.
EDI is Electronic Data Interchange. Communicate electronically with your customers to facilitate orders, invoicing and shipping. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a set of information standards that is electronically exchanged between businesses.

EDI saves you money by replacing human data entry and materials such as paper documents, meetings, faxes, email and phone calls. Are you aware that many large companies will not do business without EDI?

It's time to get into the game. Find out today if EDI is right for your business.