Have you ever wished you had a specific tool that would make your work easier? Do you have an old piece of software that doesn't work on modern computers? Custom software is cheaper than you imagine.

Well, now you can! It used to be that custom software cost a fortune. Because of globalization we can help you tap into our pool of amazing programmers all over the world that work very cheap.

We can also help you with software modernization. Usually we can even make it so that the original program works exactly the same way, only better.

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Get rid of those daily, repetitive tasks. Maximize productivity and get your people working on money-making tasks instead. Workforce Automation eliminates overstaffing by up to 80%, and has the capabilities to reduce labor costs by 10%, and employee turnover up to 15%.

Many organizations are forced to reduce labor costs to improve their bottom line. Whether scheduling the proper workforce or simply meeting targeted labor costs, organizations find limited options elsewhere in the budget to increase profits.

At every level of your organization there are tasks that can be automated.
If you don't have a website you are not going to be taken seriously. The most important asset your business has is credibility, and not having a web site could hurt you. Even a simple web-based brochure could mean the difference in a sale. What message are you sending to your customers when you don't have a web site?

There are still ways your business can make money online. An Extranet is a private website that can only be accessed by customers, suppliers, or other approved parties. You show them only the information they need and they provide you with the info you need. This helps stop endless "status" phone calls and emails from customers and suppliers. Customers can see what they've ordered and what they owe from their own computers. They can also check inventory levels and prices, if you let them.
All training programs are designed with one goal -- to make sure you and your staff are knowledgeable and productive. Our engineers can help you get more out of standard business software, like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It's amazing the untapped power these products have that most people aren't even aware of. We can help you tap into that power to become much more productive.

If you work with any non-standard software, we'll work with your software vendors to ensure that you get the training you need to be effective. Many software companies will happily provide web-based and other forms of training for you.
Imagine having all your important business information at your fingertips. Sales figures, accounting records, everything you could possibly need. Business intelligence allows you to make smarter business decisions with real-time data that can put you ahead of your competitors.

Business intelligence systems can help you analyze: changing trends in market share, changes in customer behavior and spending patterns, customers' preferences, company capabilities and market conditions.

Business intelligence can also be used to help analysts and managers determine which adjustments are most likely to affect trends. In addition, these systems can enhance communication between departments, coordinate activities, and enable you to respond more quickly to changes.