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Defining the Problem

Your employees are spending too much time searching for information, new opportunities or product ideas.  Too many workers duplicating efforts leads to inefficiencies that directly impact your bottom line.  Every company's bottom line suffers because the appropriate knowledge is not applied to actions that ultimately determine the success or failure of the company. And even if organizational knowledge is applied to an action, that knowledge is not properly stored for reuse.

The under-utilization of organizational knowledge is wreaking havoc on businesses everywhere and is part of a larger problem referred to by senior executives and industry analysts as the "knowledge sharing" problem. The knowledge sharing problem is painful and pervasive and is expected to cost the Fortune 500 alone over $57 billion over the next 2 years.

Look at these statistics:
  7-20% of an employee's time is spent replicating answers
  Over 50% of knowledge worker's* time is spent looking for information
  Less than 20% of the information available to a company is utilized.

Solution: Knowledge Management

R-Squared offers cost-effective, quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use Knowledge Management solutions. Whether you're a mid-market enterprise or a department of a large company, our Knowledge Management solutions will give you a solid and fast return on investment.  Use your employees' expertise to convert raw data into meaningful knowledge that can be accessed by everyone in the organization through a corporate knowledge library.

R-Squared understands that a rapid and seamless integration is imperative, and we've designed our Knowledge Management solutions with that in mind. Our team of trained professionals has the expertise to help get your systems up and running quickly and develop the in-house expertise to easily maintain your knowledge library.

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We follow a reliable and thorough 4-step development process:

Step 1: Scoping
We analyze your current environment and determine your specific needs.  We listen to your plans for the future and design accordingly.

Step 2: Design
We collaborate with you to design a customized solution taking into account your resources and schedule.

Step 3: Implementation
We manage the installation and test to ensure a smooth transition. We train your staff in use of the new systems to minimize productivity lag.

Step 4: Support
We provide ongoing support as you operate your new Knowledge Management environment.

* Knowledge worker's are employees who require expertise, knowledge, or information from others to perform their jobs effectively.