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What is an Intranet?
An intranet is an internal network based on Internet and World Wide Web technology that delivers immediate, up-to-date information and services to networked employees anytime, anywhere.  Any medium-sized company, and many small companies, can benefit from an intranet. Whether providing capabilities to download the latest sales presentation, arrange travel, or report a defective disk drive to the technical assistance center, an intranet offers a common, platform-independent interface that is consistent, easy to implement, and easy to use.

Initially, organizations used intranets almost exclusively as publishing platforms for delivering up-to-the-minute information to employees worldwide. Increasingly, however, organizations are broadening the scope of their intranets to encompass interactive services that streamline business processes and reduce the time employees spend on routine, paper-based tasks.

Intranet applications are platform-independent, so they are less costly to deploy than traditional client/server applications, and they bear no installation and upgrade costs since employees access them from the network using a standard Web browser. Finally, and perhaps most important, intranets enhance employees' productivity by equipping them with powerful, consistent tools.

What an Intranet can do for you?
Every company faces a very important issue of Information delivery. Nowhere else is this more evident than inside the company. Inter-office memos, electronic mail, and meetings. Somewhere along the line, somebody realizes that this is an extremely ineffective way of getting information to the people who need it most. Right now, that someone is you.

What R-Squared can do for you?
An intranet-based network connects your entire organization to the information that helps your employees accomplish their jobs faster, smarter, and better.  Your sales team can stay on top of the competition.  Marketing can collaborate with sales on new marketing campaigns and the development of new sales tools.  Engineering can share important discoveries and develop an on-line knowledge base of research information.  Human Resources can communicate information about insurance and benefits as well as company policies.  All from one central resource.  Rather than hunting through stacks of paper, employees have immediate access to the most up-to-date information right at their fingertips.

An intranet solution from R-Squared makes updating information as easy as accessing that information.  When pricing changes, you update globally from one location. When a product is discontinued, you update globally from one location.  From concept, to design, to implementation, R-Squared will be with you every step of the way.

Some Uses for Your Intranet

  Employee self-service provides the ability to access information at any time from anywhere. It enables employees to independently access vital company information. Employee self-service allows companies to save on labor costs as well as increase employee productivity and communication. More information on employee self-service follows.
  Technical support allows companies with limited IT staff to deploy an intranet server to answer frequently asked technical questions, house software that users can download, and provide documentation on a variety of subjects. Users gain instant access to key technical assistance, while IT staff can concentrate on other matters.
  Distance learning makes training accessible over the data network, which can draw employees from many sites into a single virtual classroom, saving them travel time and keeping them more productive.
  Videoconferencing is a proven way to bring team members together without physical travel.  Videoconferencing is now possible over a data network, bypassing the need for an expensive parallel network. Intranets can make videoconferences easier to set up and use.