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We Bend Over Backwards for our Customers

R-Squared Computing is a business technology consulting firm that helps you make good decisions about technology. We have spent most of our lives involved with technology; from the first computers we tore apart to the advanced multinational systems we have developed, we love technology and the amazing possibilities it offers.
R-Squared Computing was founded in 1990.

Best Practice Solutions

Let's face it, you are in business to make money.  We understand that and we work to accommodate you.  So, if that means you only want us to come in after business hours, we'll do it. 


Our goal is to improve your business performance.  You bought those computers to make your business run better and to make more money.  But, if there are glitches in the system, you will never realize your full potential.  That's where we come in.


Building Competitive Advantage

Our industry experts will learn every facet of your business operations to better advise you. Here's how we work:


  • Every business is unique.  Our engineers work with you to learn how your business works.
  • Using our resources, we design solutions that don't break the bank and increase productivity.
  • We consistently deliver projects on-time, on-budget, and on-spec.  That's why we keep 90% of our clients.
  • Now you are free to do the work that makes you money because someone you trust is handling your technology.


Ensuring Quality

R-Squared Computing delivers IT implementations that produce predictable results. We put a lot of energy into measuring those results, so that we can improve them, and repeat them.

  • We consistently produce solutions that are over 99.98% error-free.  That means you spend more time being productive and less time complaining.
  • Over 83% of our projects were on time and on budget (against an industry average of approximately 30%).  Don't get stuck working with someone that doesn't understand that you don't have time to waste.
  • And, as a result, over the past 10 years, over 90% of our customers have returned.



Where Does "R-Squared" Come From?

We came up with this name as a play on words.  First off, the owners of the company both have last names beginning with the letter "r". 


Secondly, in statistics, r-squared, or the Coefficient of Simple Determination, is a formula used to understand cause and effect relationships.  Expressed as a percentage, r-squared states how closely two different sets of information are connected.


For example, r-squared is routinely used to determine which advertisements have the most impact on sales.  In finance, r-squared is used to calculate the relationship between individual stocks and the major indexes.


Basically, it is a complicated mathematical formula that allows you to measure relationships. 


We chose the name because we want to achieve a 100% r-squared relationship between your technology and profits.


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